We offer a broad palette of prototyping and mass production solutions for your high quality disposables and biochips. Our services include iterative design and rapid prototyping to save your time during up-scaling and mass production. Our broad interdisciplinary expertise enables us to support you from an early development phase until product implementation not only with our engineering expertise but also includes expertise in surface coating, dispensing & immobilization, cell biology & cultivation as well as biocompatibility and biofluid handling.

Concept                    >>

  • Your idea and early prototypes will be used as initial input for a prorotyping as well as mass production concept.
  • Our team will help you to define a precise product specification document for your prototype or product.
  • We provide not only engineering and mechanical services abut also chemical, biochemical and biological validation and realization of your ideas, concepts, prototypes and products

Rapid Prototyping         >>

  • We offer fastest iterations based on proof-of-principle and proof-of-function tests in house and at the customer’s facilities
  • These iterations we provide are in high quality and comparable to your final product
  • Iterations and process optimizations in the prorotype phase will speed up the scale-up and mass production time line and save money
  • Workstation/Platform prototyping & development

Mass Production    

  • We will use automated production lines to scale-up and produce your mass product from structuring and bonding to labelling and packaging
  • We provide documentation for your FDA and EMEA application (ISO 13485 MDR)
  • Our service also covers indiustrial design and conceptualization and scale-up of mass production