Analytical/Diagnostic Microsystems & Microfluidic  Biochips

Analyze fluid samples (e.g. blood, urine, saliva, etc) for chemical analytes, biomolecules or bacterial/viral contaminants with our point-or-care and diagnostic solutions.

Precisely control the culture environment of mammalian cell cultures and fermentations with our microdluidic biochips ranging from 2D to single cell populations.

Organs-on-a-Chip & Organs-on-a-Plate

Rebuild organ and pharmacological functions at the microscale using Single- and Multi-Organ-on-a-Chip and Organ-on-a-Plate solution that precisely control the complex cellular microenvironment for your 3D organ models.
Our solutions also offer the possibility to integrate automated  pneumatic actuators,  microvalves and micropumps as well as electro- and optochemical microsensors.

Rapid Prototyping

Fastest iterations based on proof-of-principle and proof-of-function tests based on high quality and comparable to your final product.

Iterations and process optimizations in the prorotype phase will speed up the scale-up and mass production time line and ultimately save money.

Series Production 

Customized automated production lines to scale-up and produce your mass product from structuring and bonding to labelling and packaging.

Our service also covers indiustrial design and conceptualization as well as documentation  (ISO 13485 MDR).

Bio- and Microsensors

Development and integration of optical  and electrochemical bio- and microsensors including electrode thin-film microfabrication on silicon, glass and polymer substrates.

Aptamer Development & API Screening

Research and development of aptamers for novel diagnostic bioassays or as stand alone product. Screening for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) of your pharmaceutical product to ensure medication quality and prevent defects .

Surface coatings & Immobilization

You have a prototype or concept already but can't find the proper functionalisation or immobilization strategy?

Let us develop or optimize your functional surface treatment for your diagnostic or biological application including coatings for cell and biocompatibility, 3D culture, bacteria haemocompatibility or anti-fouling properties. 

Film Technology & Film Chips

Research and development of novel films/foils as well as structured film chips including various available materials.

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