Microorganism fermentation at a few microlitres.
  • Reduce volumes of your batch, fed-batch, perfusion or retention cultures and fermentations with Microbioreactors
  • Overcome your daily hardships with automation of sample preparation. cultivation/fermentation, metabolic analysis and sampling using Lab-on-a-chip systems
  • Space-efficient screening for thousands of culture conditions with some milliliters of pre culture at the microscale.


Control your mammalian cell culture microenvironment
  • Analyze cell population heterogeneity using Microfluidic Single cell arrays
  • Perform perfusion cultures and (nano)-toxicological screenings with our 'Standard Microfluidic Slides'
  • Investigate pharmacological and toxicological research spects and material/molecule translocation using 'Transwell Slides'


Rebuild organ functions such as  heart, lung, liver, skin, gut, brain, blood-brain barrier & kidney at the microscale using our 'OrganoSlide' and 'OrganoCard' products.
  • Precisely control the complex cellular microenvironment for your 3D organ models.
  • Perform high content analysis using multi-plex organs-on-a-chip built from industrial polymers
  • Stimulate organ models with integrated flexible actuators
  • Monitor your organ model with integrated optical and electrochemical sensors

Biomedical Diagnostics

Analyze fluid samples e.g. water or biofluids (blood, urine, saliva) anytime and any place with stand-alone systems and diagnostic solutions.
  • Stay flexible and perform bacterial and viral pathogen detection using bench-top microfluidic biosensor assays or stand-alone point-of-care diagnostics.
  • You have an idea for a new life-style or biomedical diagnostic product? We can help you finding your lateral flow assay or automated antibody assay.
  • Purify your sample cell populations then our cell sorting and rare cell purification solutions (e.g. µFACS).