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Flow Meters

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This non-contact meter determines flow rates with sub-nanoliter resolution.  Stand-alone operation and PC compatible with either CorSolutions software or LabVIEW VI.  Stores multiple calibrations and includes advanced signal filtering and adjustable data logging rate.  Meter output includes USB digital, analog, and optionally RS232 capable.


  • In-line, real-time flow rate measurement
  • Real-time data logging via USB cable
  • Fully adjustable data smoothing
  • Compatible with a wide variety of tubing sizes ranging from 1/8-inch to 360 micron capillary
  • Can save multiple calibrations for different liquids on-board
  • Arrives calibrated for aqueous solutions
  • Factory calibration for common fluids is available upon request
  • User can calibrate meter with the CorSolutions' PeriWave or PneuWave pump

Available in Four Models

  • Nano   20-7000 nL/min
  • Micro   0.1-50 microL/min
  • Milli   30-1000 microL/min
  • Milli+Five   0.2-5.0 mL/min
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