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Organism:Homo sapiens
(human)Source:Human kidney cortex
Cell type:Proximal tubular epithelial cells
Biosafety level:  1
Cell line description

RPTEC/TERT1 cell line was developed by overexpression of the catalytic subunit of humane telomerase (hTERT) in normal renal proximal tubular epithelial cells. Cells are grown continuously over 70 population doublings without showing signs of growth retardation, whereas the parental cells senesced after having reached 24 population doublings. Despite unlimited growth capacity, the cells show expression of cell type specific markers and functions such as:
  • typical epithelial, cobblestone morphology
  • dome formation when grown to high cell density
  • gamma glutamyl-transferase activity
  • expression of Aminopetidase-N, E-cadherin
  • response to parathyroid hormone (PHT) treatment by increased cAMP production
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