Fluidic Solutions  

DENZ BIO-Medical is the main distributor for CorSolutions in Europe and East. Consolutions is the partner of choice for academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and government researchers seeking to enhance their microfluidic workflows.  Using our scientific, design and engineering expertise, we have developed a broad portfolio of flow control and fluid manipulation  pumps, non-permanent leak-tight connectors, PDMS port creators and fluidic workstations with integrated optics.  Our innovative products are characterized by their reliability, quality and flexibility, offering unprecedented flow control, fluid manipulation, measurement and assessment, with intuitive, user-friendly operation.



                 PneuWave                       PeriWave                                         ECO-nomical PneuWave


High Performance

-  Precise, accurate flow control and measurement products offer unprecedented performance.  


- Our dependable, trusted products are employed in 24/7 manufacturing environments.


- Our intuitive products and software have been designed with the user in mind.


 - CorSolutions has developed innovative microfluidic approaches.