In-line, real-time flow rate measurement

Real-time data logging via USB cable

Fully adjustable data smoothing

Compatible with a wide variety of tubing sizes ranging from 1/8-inch to 360 micron capillary

Can save multiple calibrations for different liquids on-board

Arrives calibrated for aqueous solutions

Factory calibration for common fluids is available upon request

User can calibrate meter with the CorSolutions' PeriWave or PneuWave pump



Links to data logging PC software or LabVIEW via USB cable

No computer is required when operated in stand alone mode

Analog output and alarms • Optional RS-232



Control from front display screen and buttons

User-defined signal smoothing feature


Data Logging

Digital output to data logging PC software or LabVIEW

Ability to select the data logging rate


NEW Remote Flow Meter with Rack available

Software for the PneuWave Pumps, PeriWave Pumps, and Flow Meters is user-friendly and intuitive.  The software for each of these three products has been designed to have the same look and feel, allowing users to easily cross platforms.  In addition to the PC software, the PneuWave Pumps, PeriWave Pumps and Flow Meters come with a LabVIEW VI, and both the PneuWave Pumps and Flow Meters can also be controlled through the front display panel.  Here the software for the PneuWave Pumps is detailed.

An example flow rate table is shown above.  By selecting the "Repeat" button, the fluid profile can be repeated as many times as desired.