During the development of the first prototype, we ensure that the obtained data are collated in such a way that they remain suitable and applicable for future prototype development and they serve as a sound basis to rapidly create new data or results. We have the necessary equipment and the processes to fulfil the needs of your application. You will receive prototypes made out of a range of polymers, types of glasses, silicon, and PDMS.

Our knowledgeable staff can draw on a wealth of experience, which can be confirmed with patents. Because on the different procedures, we are able to always choose the most suitable method. The most used materials are available in our warehouse, which supports the process without long delivery time, therefore they are available for use immediately.

With our in-house developed standard consumables, which can exist of polymer, glass, silicon or metals.

This includes foils, which are standard and also can be produced in smallest quantities especially for the customers project, which reduces the costs but does not stop the development.